Tax Return Checklist - Individual

Here are most, but not all, of the items you might need for your appointment.

For your convenience try this Tax Inventory Worksheet

All demographic information. make sure you have the correct last name and social security numbers for all dependents you wish to claim. Make sure you bring the Social Security cards for any new dependents. If you are not sure if someone qualifies as your dependent we will go over it during your appointment.

You now need proof of health insurance coverage. Look for the Health Insurance Marketplace Statement - Form 1095-A or, if you don't get your insurance from other than the marketplace, look for 1095-B, 1095-C or 1099HC.


1099-misc (if self employed)

SSA-1099 (if you are receiving Social Security)

1099-int (bank interest is they paid you over $10)

1099-div (dividends paid by stocks or mutual funds)

1099-B (if you sold stock) make sure you have the cost basis

for each stock or mutual fund sale

1099-S (if you sold real estate)

All K1s (These are issued by partnerships or S-Corporations you

have ownership in. ALSO, if you are a beneficiary of an

estate or trust you MAY be receiving one. Generally you

won't see it until at least mid March)

1098 (this shows the mortgage interest you paid. It also

likely shows the real estate taxes paid but CHECK IT for


NOTE: You may have multiple

1098s. Make sure you have them all.

If you itemize (usually if you have a mortgage or incur high

business expenses)you need:

- Auto Excises Taxes

- Contributions, if documented

If you own a rental property:

- Total rents collected

- Summary of all expenses by line item (refer to

last year's schedule E)

- If you are new make sure you have the

depreciation schedule

If you are self employed:

- Summary of your total income collected (Do NOT

rely on your 1099-misc's

- Summary of your expenses by line item (refer to

last year's schedule C)

- If you are new make sure you have the

depreciation schedule if applicable

- Mileage, business miles AND total miles

- Health insurance premiums if the policy is in

the self employed persons name (or business name)

Here are some other items:

- College tuition incurred by anyone on the return

(this includes any tuition you received a loan for net of

grants and scholarships)

- IRA contributions

- Educator expenses